Cat Chaser Teaser Trailer

Written on July 6th, 2010 by Adam in Blog

So here it is, folks.  The teaser trailer for the new novella ‘”The Defective Detective – Cat Chaser” and with it an announcement…

Later this month I will be unleashing this novella on an unsuspecting world. There are fifteen chapters in total and I will be posting them twice a week this very site.

Of course, if you prefer you can sign up to stories by email and they’ll be delivered direct to your inbox.  Oh and I’ll be posting it as an audiobook in podcast form at the same time too.

By my calculations this will take somewhere in the region of seven and a bit weeks. Of course if you want to read the end without waiting all that time there will be two options for you:

1) The complete ebook will be available from the outset to purchase
2) The paperback book will be available to purchase too

At the end of the seven and a bit weeks I’ll make the whole thing available for free in its entirety but I’m hoping that however you digest it you will perhaps be tempted into grabbing a copy by paying cash-money and rewarding me for all my hard work.

As for the fruits of that hard work, I can officially reveal that the novella is going to be absolutely fantastic and you’re all going to love it.

Any questions?


Oh and don’t forget you can grab the previous installment in ebook form from Feedbooks for free here in the meantime.

p.s. Enormous thanks to Bobby’s Beard for providing the music in the trailer.