The Lost Bookshop

Written on January 5th, 2014 by Adam in Blog

Hello my dears, happy new year and all that. Did you overindulge through festivus? Of course you did. Well done you.


I have a reward for you as it happens in the form of news of my latest book. It’s called (as you’ll see from the cover) ‘The Lost Bookshop : The Mystery of the Missing Monkey’ and will be the first in a series of Lost Bookshop stories – chapter books aimed at kids probably aged around 5-8 years old.

More info? Well here’s the back page:

When she’s not at school Nina likes to help out at the bookshop owned by her Aunty and Uncle.

But when Uncle Bill finds a hidden room behind a dusty bookshelf in a forgotten corner of the shop Nina knows she simply must investigate. And so with the help of her best friend, Ivy, and Oswald, the bespactacled boy who hangs around the shop READING BOOKS she unlocks the door and the three step into the mysterious room.

Suddenly everything gets a bit dark and spinny and when the children open their eyes they find themselves transported to a tent backstage at Cornelius’ Circus Spectacular. All is not well in the big top and Nina, Ivy and Oswald are soon caught up in a mystery the likes of which they had never dreamed… The mystery of the missing monkey.

With the big finale looming the children must investigate the circus performers, from Wallace the Lion to Sadie the bearded lady and from the monkey crew to Doctor Dick the Duck. And if they can’t find the missing monkey?

Well they’ll have to perform in the finale themselves of course!

Who is to blame for the disappearance of the monkey? Will the children learn the ways of the circus in time to perform in the finale and even if they do how will they get back to the Lost Bookshop again?

The Lost Bookshop is an exciting rollercoaster of a story sure to capture children’s imaginations and leave them desperate for just one more chapter.

The cover and other illustrations are done by the incomparable Dale Maloney and I’ll be posting more information like release dates etc. as they transpire.