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Written on October 10th, 2014 by Adam in Blog

lounge2014Things are moving, they really are…

I promised I would share it with you once it was ready and here it is, the almost complete design for the new and improved Fiction Lounge – just click on the preview image over there on the right and you’ll see the larger version. It’s courtesy of the very talented Laura Swaddle who is also responsible for some of my fantastic book covers. Give her a shout if you need any designy-type stuff sorting out.

I’m absolutely loving how it’s coming together – what do you think? Email me and let me know!

But I’m not getting distracted I promise!

I’ve been building up a bit of momentum and finishing a lot of projects ready to show you, the latest of which is the follow-up to my children’s chapter book The Lost Bookshop – The Mystery of the Missing Monkey. I had thought it would be finished sooner but it came in at 23,000 words which was a little longer than the first one. We’ll see what it ends up coming in at after it’s been edited but it won’t be far off that wordcount.

For grown-ups there will be a new short story collection happening very soon entitled ‘Security Has Been Called’ which is going to anthologise everything I’ve done post-Dial M For Monkey. That’s edited and in the bag so it’ll be cover-reveals coming for that soon.

There’s loads more and I know I don’t blog enough but I do fortnightly email updates so if you want to keep up to date, get freebies and generally be involved why not sign up – form is here and I won’t spam you I promise :)

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