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Written on May 7th, 2013 by Adam in Blog

It’s been a long time since I updated the site.

Too long.

Anyone would think I hadn’t been writing anything when, in actual fact, quite the opposite is true. I just haven’t been finishing anything that I could put on here! Thankfully the long wait is over and a lot of the projects I have been working on over the last year or two are coming to fruition and (at last!) I can start sharing them with you lovely folks.

The first one I’ll mention here is the perennially popular Writing Prompts Generator which now has the huge honour of not just being a sideline on this website but also an app in its own right!

There are somewhere in the region of 120 prompts on this here website which is all fine and dandy but I’ve always had it in my mind that I wanted to expand and improve the prompts generator to make it more useful and include more prompts. Rather than fiddle about with the website I decided an app would be a much more universal path to take and so it is with much pride I unveil…

Lost the Plot? Writing Prompts Generator

As the bastard child of my writing prompts book and this here website the app includes an initial batch of 500 prompts which can easily be copied to your clipboard of your phone or tablet ready to be used in whatever story or other creative endeavour you are undertaking. Perhaps you prefer to email the prompts you choose to your desktop? No problem, tap a button and away you go. Send it to a friend if you like.

Of course I didn’t want to just leave it there. You can also add prompts to the database, either by submitting them via the app which will put them into consideration for future updates for everyone else who is using the app or you can just add your prompts directly to your app customising it with your genius for your personal use.

I’m very interested to know what you think and how you think we can improve it (and we will). I am closely involved in the development process so can guarantee that any suggestions will be listened to. Unless they are crap. In which case they will be politely ignored ;)

For now you can download Lost the Plot? Writing Prompts Generator for Android tablets and phones but iOS (Apple) and Kindle Fire version are imminent (next 7 days or so). Windows version is in the pipeline and depending on demand we might take it further.

£1.49 for eternal inspiration. Not too shabby.

  • M.

    Please release it for Android 4.1! I’d love to use this

    • http://www.adammaxwell.com Adam Maxwell

      It’s available already for 4.1 – according to my stats we’ve got quite a few users who have it installed. If you aren’t sure email what device you have to support@touchscreentales.com and they’ll check what’s going on :)

      • M

        Curious! My phone’s 4.1.1 and the store says it’s incompatible with my device. I’ll be sure to email when I’m able.

  • Phiby1

    looks good but according to Google play it says not compatible with my Nexus 7. Will it be updated for this?