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Written on October 4th, 2011 by Adam in Blog

Given that this is a writing prompts book and focuses on how you can conquer procrastination, writer’s block and get you to write, write and write some more it’s pretty ironic that I left it on the shelf for the best part of a year.

That said the wait is now well and truly over as my new writing prompts book has launched in ebook form. ‘Lost The Plot? 500 Writing Prompts and How To Use Them’ has hit the virtual shelves of Amazon and Smashwords already and it’ll be making its way further and further afield as the days and weeks zip by.

So I expect you’ll want to know what you get for the pittance I’m charging for it then?

500 Writing Prompts

Well the clue was in the title really wasn’t it?  Given the absolutely phenomenal popularity of the writing prompts generator on this very site the thought gradually dawned on me that there was a demand from you lovely people for really good writing prompts. But I wanted to offer value for money (hence the five hundred prompts in the book versus the hundred and change on the site).

Mr Maxwell’s Spectacular Story Suggester


Well it’s a snazzy name for a simple system to help you take any idea and develop it into a full blown story. What kind of story is up to you so I pretty much hedged my bets and covered:

  • Twitfic
  • Microfiction
  • Flash Fiction
  • Short Short Stories
  • Short Stories
  • Novelettes
  • Novellas
  • Novels
  • Scripts

Going through each one and having a bit of a ruminate on how it works.

Creative Writing From Prompts

Because sometimes you want more from you tomes of writing advice I got together some writers in different genres to pick prompts, write something from them and then tell you, dear reader, how they did it.

Firstly it was me.  Well, who else would it have been? It’s my book isn’t it? I wrote a bit of Flash Fiction and then described, very simply, how I went from idea to story.

Then Adrian Graham, a prolific microfiction author whose ebooks have been downloaded over 120 thousand times wrote some exquisite stories and explained how to create micro-magic from the prompts.

Next Rosalind Wyllie, a tremendous playwright whose plays have been performed up and down the country by fine companies of players (including the RSC) has penned a short script and taken time from her busy schedule to describe how she weaved her magic.

And last but by no means least the fantastic Y.A. author Mr C.G. Allan has written a children’s short story and then explained just how it went from prompt to print.

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