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Short Stories & Flash Fiction

A poetry, flash fiction, short story and art showcase.

Interesting blog by Adrian Graham on the future of short stories and fiction in general in this digital age.

Short stories and a thriving community all at East of the Web.

Fish run short story and other writing competitions in addition to being an excellent publisher.

Magazine featuring flash fiction in abundance, a blog and loads more for fans of the genre.

A superb Yahoo group of flash fiction writers who post fiction exercises then submit and crit work. Really friendly and well worth joining.

fringeLIT is an online literary journal devoted to up and coming writers with vision and skill.

Another excellent online repository who’ve published my work. Updated almost daily and featuring humour, short-short stories and you can buy the fantastic Quarterly.

Anything but medium. At the very least it is high. Medium Magazine feature photography, art, short stories, poetry and loads more. Well worth a look.

Skate, culture, art and much more… Featured a series of my flash fiction pieces in their early issues.

International competition for short stories, novellas, single poems, poetry collections, essays and articles; offers cash prizes as well as publication for the prize-winning writers in The Collection, special annual edition of The New Writer magazine.<

Not specifically related to short stories or flash ficiton, in fact this site deals specifically with Blooks but a lot of the advice is interesting and relevant. An excellent blog.

Literary humour for the deleriously captivated

fiction showcase for readers and authors of short stories.

Site for new and unpublished writers of short stories and poetry giving authors the chance to gain constructive criticsim on their work.

the short story quarterly based in Australia and filled with great short stories (including mine from time to time)

the campaign to celebrate the short story – with regularly updated news and the occassionaly snip about yours truly.

An online resource providing feedback and support to writers.

Authors’ Websites

From summer 2008, solve a spy mission and discover the secrets of a novel’s story at CG Allan’s site… an extremely interesting site from a great author. Go and have a look.

Novelist, poet and short story writer. The man was deeply surreal.

Website of Julia Bell containing a lot of good info including articles and links for writers.

Author and musician. Wears a cowboy hat, smokes a cigar. Books include Greenwich Killing Time and Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover.

David is a flash fiction writer, has appeared in many of the same publications as myself and is very good indeed. His first collection Sawn Off Tales is excellent and there’s more on the way.

Short stories, novels, graphic novels, children’s books and even the odd poem – a great website with loads of interesting content updated on a regular basis.

Flash Fiction writer and novelist – his collection ‘Pieces For The Left Hand’ is of particular interest to anyone interested in short short stories.

The greatest American crime writer ever? Get Shorty, Rum Punch and 100’s of others – get the lowdown here. While you are there check out his ‘Rules for Writing’ – invaluable for any aspiring authors.

Author of Fight Club, Lullaby, Choke and more. He is a very sick puppy. I like him.

Author of Great Apes, My Idea of Fun and Dr Mukti and Other Tales of Woe. A great site for a fine writer.

Stephen’s Blog ‘Leaving the Room With Dignity’ is well worth some of your surf time and his collection of short stories ‘Being Normal’

An outstanding resource for fans of HST.

Rosalind’s first novel ‘Everything You Ever Wanted’ is out soon. A great looking website with rapidly expanding content.

Arts and Culture

The finest design known to man?

Website for writers with loads of relevant articles and other intersting stuff.

The cultural arts magazine.

Site exploring storytelling and short fiction in new ways

Great resource for writers of all kinds

Excellent books blog from UK newspaper the Guardian.

Community creative and artistic activities, loads of stuff going on and well worth a look if you are in the area.

Home of Poets & Writers Magazine


Promoting new fiction and poetry, Comma included one of my stories in their Bracket anthology.


possibly the finest director known to man.

a man of rare comic genius. And nob gags.


a fine website dedicated to the world of the Mighty Boosh

Not strictly speaking comedy but certainly very, very funny. Photoshop classness and mindwrongs. They love the web.


Marvel in the supreme originality of the most underrated musical act in this hemisphere. Don’t take my word for it – once you’ve listened to Bobby’s Beard no-one else’s beard will ever sound the same.

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