Short Story Library Review of Dial M For Monkey

Written on September 8th, 2008 by Adam in Reviews, Interviews & Mentions

Dial M For Monkey is a collection of short stories published by Tonto Press and written by Adam Maxwell. There are 20 stories in the collection that covers 115 pages. The general genre would fall into humor.

The stories are very short (Happiness is a warm gun is only 1.5 pages long, Sandwiches is about 2 pages, etc) nuggets of dry humor. Each piece is a bit random and cover topics like what happens if you put a gun in a microwave, the final resting place of Jim Morrison leg all the way to the do’s and don’ts of Christmas decorating. Needless to say, Adam covers a wide range and keeps the reader engaged as none of the stories require a large investment of time to consume. I think I was able to read the entire book in about two hours.

Dial M For Monkey introduces various characters in random predicaments that you would never have come across in any other book you have read. Adam’s originality in his plots makes the reader curious enough to continue reading once they start and his application of dry humor leaves them satisfied by the ending. While none of the stories are laugh out loud funny, each one will put a smile on your face at the end and shaking your head in wonder at the same time. The random scenarios that Adam created made many of the stories funny from the get go while a few felt he had to force humor on an otherwise not really funny situation.

If you are in between books and not ready to dive into your next novel, Dial M For Monkey is a good fit if your taste include random plots, abnormal characters and a dry sense of humor.

If you want to learn more about Adam Maxwell, you can by looking at his website, where he offers updates on his writing, free podcast of his work and other random reads.

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